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Ox Tails, How Should I Use

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Our Ox Tail product which was introduced in March 2024 is an additional additive for enhancement of puncture sealing above and beyond our base product offering.  As our slogan states "Push it to the limits" we continue to offer industry leading products in tire sealant technology.  If you require the absolute highest level of puncture protection the addition of our Ox Tail products with our OX1 tire sealant can provide sealing power for gashes and slashes up to 1/2" (12 mm).

Ox Tails are made with up-cycled carbon fibers.  We source the fiber destined for landfills from various carbon fiber processing industries such as weaving and pultrusion.  Using our proprietary processing methods, we apply coatings allowing the fiber tows to maintain their bundle integrity while mixed with the sealant.  The coating also prevents the fiber tows from coalescing, ensuring a constant availability of mini-plugs ready for action.  After 2 years of testing and refinement we identified the optimized combination of tow size and fiber length which are variables tightly controlled in our manufacturing process.

So how do you best use Ox Tails?  For a typical tire installation utilizing 4 oz of sealant, we recommend no more than 1 - 2 grams of Ox Tails additive.  This is equivalent to 1 to 2 standard pinches (not a Skoal Brotha pinch) of fiber.  You want the fiber to freely flow in the sealant as you are riding.  This allows quicker sealing with the mini-pugs during a puncture.  With repeated use the Ox Tails may adhere to the sidewalls of your tire and no longer stay dispersed in the sealant.  It may be necessary to add additional Ox Tails with each sealant top off.

If you experience a puncture which has been sealed with the Ox Tails, this creates a permanent seal, just like with our standard sealant products.  It is not recommended to deep clean the tire between sealant installations as this could compromise the seals that have already formed...maybe even some you didn't know you had.


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