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Tire Sealant - 4 oz
Tire Sealant - 4 oz

Tire Sealant - 4 oz


  • Installs through valve stem
  • Seals holes up to 3/8" (9 mm)
  • Carbon fiber enhanced
  • Includes dispense tube

Do you need any valve cores?


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shawn Gentry
Thick, viscous, fantastic…

I’ve been running Blackhawk sealant in my bike and my daughters bike for the past couple months and we love it. I have had absolutely no issues whatsoever, have had no issues with punctures, no gummed up valves, everything seems to be perfect. When installing the sealant, I was absolutely amazed at the viscosity and fibrous appearance of the sealant. Totally the opposite of the sin milky white sealant I have used for years. better than anything else, Black Ox comes from my home state of North Carolina! I’m hooked.

Carter Bryant

Tire Sealant - 4 oz

Jordan Scheiderich
Amazing Sealant

So far this sealant is amazing. It is a little tough on your valve cores, have to clean then more often, but other than that I haven't had to use a tire plug once since starting to use this sealant. If I have gotten a puncture I didn't even know about it!

Gerard Keogh

Delivery very good , don’t know if the sealant is any good and I hope I don’t find out anytime soon but very easy to use with the tube on top of the bottle which as I like to apply the sealant through the valve was very useful all in all a very good product and service

Vermont Bicycle Shop
Our new house brand.

We're a small shop in Vermont and we're pretty nerdy and particular about making sure we can do the best job possible setting up tubeless. We're also devout proselytizers of the technology. So we definitely want to offer the most effective and reliable tubeless products we can. Black Ox is easily the best sealant we've used and we've made the change to Black Ox as our house brand tubeless sealant.