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Tire Sealant - 16 oz
Tire Sealant - 16 oz

Tire Sealant - 16 oz


Made for slashers and thrashers our OX1 tire sealant formulation provides faster, more permanent sealing of holes up to 9 mm (3/8").
Our carbon fiber enhanced natural latex-based product provides race day performance without the race day price.  Made especially for aggressive riding styles or where the possibility of puncture is high.
Due to the high-performance nature of the product the sealant should be checked after 200 miles of use.  May require more maintenance compared to our OX2 formulation.

Customer Reviews

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Ray Marcelo

Tire Sealant - 16 oz

Ox 1 works too good

This sealant sure does seal. After a month in a new tire, I met with resistance when trying to put air in my tire. So I removed the valve core and no air escaped from the open valve stem. The valve core was clogged with latex. I opened the bead to the tire to find Ox1 completely sealed the valve stem all the way up to the valve core. It took a while to unclog the latex from the valve stem. If this had been on a trail, I would not have been able to inflate the tire. Point is, this sealant is great if you need this kind on sealing for one race. Otherwise, it is not an every day sealant. I will try Ox2 at some point. Can’t recommend Ox1 for the average rider.

Sorry you had an issue with the clogged valve stem. Your experience was more severe than typical, although clogged valve cores and stems can occur. We apply a surface treatment to our valve stems and cores to help with this.

Shawn Gentry
The best in the business.

Black Ox is simply the best tubeless tire sealant in the business. The first time I opened the bottle and saw a thick, viscous product full of black carbon fibers, I knew I had found the right sealant. I now have it in every tire in our house! Nine bikes to be exact. we have never had a problem with a flat tire ever since. In case of a serious puncture, the carbon fiber’s, plug the hole and give the natural latex liquid, something more to grab onto, and some thing that looks like a bacon strip plug magically appears. My daughter had a dreaded sidewall puncture, just above the bead, Black Ox sealed the hole by forming such a plug, and she rode on that tire for months afterwards without incident.

Jake Kahn

This stuff just works. Put it in your tires and forget about flats and burping tires. No sealant booger balls rolling around in your tires after a few weeks either.

Steven Zytkovicz
Black ox sealant

Works really well, doesn’t dry up over time or clump and plugs holes, does everything it should!