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OX2 Formulation is out

Posted by John Dispennette on

Black Ox has recently released its second formulation of tire sealant and is labeled OX2.  Our OX2 formulation has been modified from the OX1 formulation to improve its durability for high mileage use.  If you ride frequently with high miles, then this may be the product for you.  The product is enhanced with stabilizers to slow down the solidification of the sealant which may occur with constant utilization.  The viscosity has been raised slightly which aids in sealing the higher pressure road and gravel tires.  An additional benefit is that the product also has a lower freezing point which makes is more suited for riding in extremely cold climates (-15 F or -26 C).  The product is available in the same packaging as OX1 in 4 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz bottles.

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  • The product has not yet been tested in higher speed applications such as motorcycles or ATV. Product availability for this is anticipated in 2023.

    Black Ox Sealant on
  • Can this be used in motorcycle tires.
    Ride on balancer and sealant has doubled in price.
    Great stuff,just too expensive.
    Is your product equivalent to that.

    Wayne on

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